Zakir Nagar : a place of best pocket friendly joints for non veg lover’s

Zakir nagar has the most lip smacking street food joints serving from Nihari to Paya to Qorma & Biryanis, kebabs the best Mughlai foods in Old Delhi & also known as meat lover’s paradise. And the best about this place is that these all mind blowing dishes are very cost efficient as compared to other areas in Delhi. On my…

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There are so many restaurants in Delhi but today we are going to tell you about top most budget friendly restaurants in Delhi some of them are given below with there price details per persons: 1.THE G.T ROAD: Situated in the core heart of the shopping valley The G.T Road is one of the finest restaurant’s serving a high quality…

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7 Technology Trends You Need to Know to Work in Organization

7 Technology Trends You Need to Know to Work in Any Organization

On the off chance that you’ve been following the news on energizing tech patterns like computerized reasoning, at that point you’re presumably mindful that rising advancements are changing the manner in which we work and associate with others. Truth be told, with things like AI and contact trade ending up progressively well known over each industry from banking to human…

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How to Lose Weight?

diet plan loose weight

Lose Weight or Inches Loose or healthy body Now a days lose weight is in trends, every one require a perfect body structure. But no one think about their health should we require a lean body or healthy body. Maintenance of body is very good for human. But just follow the race is not good we have to think about…

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How to apply voter ID card online?

Online voter id card

In India voter id card is identification symbol to show that person is citizen of India. And he has right to take participation in election and can get all the facilities from Indian Government. To apply voter id card online you have to click on the link given below and directly submit the filled application form. Click this link…

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an intelligent encounter of a true domain where the articles that live in reality are “enlarged” by PC produced perceptual data, now and again over different tactile modalities, including visual, sound-related, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory. The overlaid tangible data can be valuable (for example added substance to the indigenous habitat) or ruinous (for example concealing of the…

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