Health Insurance

health insurance

Free medical help = Health insurance Health Insurance is an plane which can secure your health with any kind illness, accident and any other problem related to your health and health of your family. Health is most important asses in our life. As every one knows “Health is wealth and ” healthy mind stays in healthy body” So we have…

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Biggest Enemy of the Universe :- Pollution Basically Pollution is made by small pollutants or substances. Pollutants can be natural and human made too. It is the process which can spoil our universe very fast. Initially, human spoil the earth due to his desire but now it will be spread in space too and these things create a huge problem…

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virus ( a virus can change our life )

very small organism can;t see through naked eyes obligate parasite( dependent on living organism( animal, human, plants, bacteria …etc) other for its life Acellular( has no cell) made by protein found presence of DNA/RNA What is meaning of word “VIRUS” means poison. In 1892, D. Ivanovsky had identify virus from tobacco leaves and he had given name to it, T…

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Zakir Nagar : a place of best pocket friendly joints for non veg lover’s

Zakir nagar has the most lip smacking street food joints serving from Nihari to Paya to Qorma & Biryanis, kebabs the best Mughlai foods in Old Delhi & also known as meat lover’s paradise. And the best about this place is that these all mind blowing dishes are very cost efficient as compared to other areas in Delhi. On my…

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There are so many restaurants in Delhi but today we are going to tell you about top most budget friendly restaurants in Delhi some of them are given below with there price details per persons: 1.THE G.T ROAD: Situated in the core heart of the shopping valley The G.T Road is one of the finest restaurant’s serving a high quality…

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