KGF chapter 1

Releasing Date

KGF chapter 1. was released in 2018 . This was crack all the records of Indian Cinema and it shows that how Indian movies shows their impact on the mind of audience. Chapter 1 is the first installment out of 2 followed by KGF2. Approx 80 crore indian rupees would spend even have to say would invest in this movie, and this amount make it most expensive Kannada movie.

Different Language

KGF chapter 1, had been released in different language like such Kannada, Telugu, Tamil , Malayalam and Hindi.

Casting of the film

Yash= Rocky

Srinidhi Shetty  = Reena Desai

Archana Jois = Rocky’s mother

Ramesh Indira= Suryavardhan

Ramachandra Raju = Garuda

Story of KGF1.

Rocky, a young and powerful man seeks money and power to fulfill the last desire of his dying mother. He came to Mumbai and be a part of Mafia and prove himself as strongest man. journey fro Mumbai to Kolar Gold Fields in Karnataka is very tough but it will more pathetic when he entered in Gold field.

KGF 1 is full of entertainment , action and emotions. The dialogue in Hindi is superb” Ma se bda koi yodha nai hota” just an example . I felt very good when i had completed this movie.

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