Red Fort

Red Fort

The Red Fort is an magnificent fortress in the old Delhi territory. Shah Jahan built it in the year 1639 because of a capital move from Agra to Delhi. Utilized as the fundamental living arrangement of the heads of the Mughal administration, this monumental bit of design gets its name from its secure red sandstone dividers.

Not with standing obliging the rulers and their family units, it was the stylized and political focus of the Mughal state and the setting for occasions basically affecting the area. Today, this landmark is home to a few historical centers that have an arrangement of valuable antiques in plain view. Consistently, the Indian Prime Minister spreads out the public banner here on the Independence Day

Once in the past known as Quila-e-Mubarak or the Blessed Fort, the Red Fort lies along the banks of the waterway Yamuna, whose waters took care of the canals encompassing the stronghold. It was a piece of the archaic city of Shah Jahanabad, prominently referred to now as ‘Old Delhi’.

The whole fortress complex is said to speak to the compositional innovativeness and brightness of Mughal design. With so much history and legacy related with it, the Red Fort is one of the most mainstream landmarks in India and a significant vacation spot in Delhi.

It turned into an UNESCO world legacy site in 2007. The Archeological Survey of India is at present answerable for the security and protection of this heavenly landmark

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