Biggest Enemy of the Universe :- Pollution

Basically Pollution is made by small pollutants or substances. Pollutants can be natural and human made too. It is the process which can spoil our universe very fast. Initially, human spoil the earth due to his desire but now it will be spread in space too and these things create a huge problem for everyone. It can cause many diseases not only for human even all the creatures of this planet as well as our Ozone Layer.

There are so many kinds of pollution in our earth but basically four our mains.

Air pollution

It is the mixture of substance which is harmful for our environment. These gases come from motor vehicles, factory and industries smoke and it can harm our ozone layer too much. Massive use of vehicles can make situation worst. Uses of chemical fertilization, urbanization, burning of fossil fuels in electricity generation are also cause pollution Pollution severely affects the health of humans as well as animal too although plants also never take proper breathe due to this pollution.

Water Pollution

One of Most essential and limited part of our life is water and you know drinking water is also very limited but we human never understand the value of this element because mother nature provide it without paying any fee. We can not imagine our life without water even this is very necessary for growth of agriculture too. But due to some human activities and natural phenomenon water get polluted and availability of drinking water is very less. The addition of some substance of garbage and waste of factories degrade the quality of water so that it either become polluted or health hazard too.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is disturbing sound which can harm the human and animal life. The noise pollution caused by the sound of engines, factories, DJ Sound, High Music Sound.

Even today we are not aware about the harmful effect of noise pollution but soon we can feel and then problem will be worst. People are living in big cities are exposed to loud sounds day in and day out. They do not real peace is. This affects their working ability and disturb their mental peace too. Plant can absorb most of the parts of noise pollution.

Soil Pollution

Soil pollution can damage our cultivation of agriculture. Due to process to build of heavy infrastructure and heavy uses of fertilizers and pesticides can poor the quality of soil and make it worst. we should be aware the value of soil.

So many reason are there to protect our earth from these kind of pollution and we should do something so earth can be a beautiful planet again. This is not the duty of Government even everybody should play his positive role over pollution.

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