virus ( a virus can change our life )

  • very small organism
  • can;t see through naked eyes
  • obligate parasite( dependent on living organism( animal, human, plants, bacteria …etc) other for its life
  • Acellular( has no cell)
  • made by protein
  • found presence of DNA/RNA

What is meaning of word “VIRUS” means poison. In 1892, D. Ivanovsky had identify virus from tobacco leaves and he had given name to it, T Mosaic Virus.

Virus name was given to this organism by Martinus Willem Beijerinck . it is dead without any host and get multiply its DNA when they receive a host body whenever they get its favorable condition in host body accordingly they can grow faster .

Temperature never impact on virus body because it has no cell.

Viruses has some phase and it can multiply itself in third stage very multiply in host cell’s nucleus by mitosis and it is totally dependent on host immunity how it reacts on his body , if immunity is strong it can not harm you as it wants but if immunity is not that much strong it can harm host as it wants

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