May make HIV test mandatory for getting married: Goa

Is it the right step towards sexual education? Well frankly speaking YES!

Well the most malignant and chronic thing in related to sexual health, is India battle with HIV. After cancer resting his foots in people lives with a disastrous rate at which it is growing now is the turn of HIV. The only difference between these two is cancer can be prevented and cured but the HIV can only be prevented. There are certain measures which are ruined by the government for the awareness related to sexual health like advertisements, campaigns, benefits of using safe measures, free health checkups.

But unfortunate for the peoples who is seeing India as a disease free well educated country these campaigns regarding sexual health also come with a clause like Blanket ban for the advertisements of condoms. India is a third largest country to have the HIV infection in the first place with over 2.1 million adults and kids reportedly suffering from HIV AIDS.

The national AIDS control program is on a high alert to spread awareness about sexual disease. And they are being succeeded day by day with a 27% decline in AIDS related deaths in India from 2010-2017.

“The HIV epidemic in India is driven by sexual transmission, which accounted for 86% of new infections in 2017/2018”- states avert. There are also other modes of spreading like peoples using same/used injections for whatever reasons, unprotected sex with sex workers or by blood transfusion with infected persons.

And sexual health is the least discussed topic in India. So its a great initiative of Goa government towards sexual health and awareness. If you haven’t had yourself tested for HIV yet, its time to visit the nearest health centre and get it done. And brings India one step closer towards a HIV free city.

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