Chief Minister of Delhi (capital of India) had announced that buses and metro’s fair will not be chargeable for Women in Delhi. The move yet to be cleared by the central government.

Because I am also a woman and i have rights to express my view on this, I think according to chief minister all the women of Delhi belongs to low poverty line he supposed we can not purchase our fare. Sorry Sir, But we require a Rape free Delhi not fair free Delhi.

Officials calculate that approx 700 crore will be spent on this at annual basis. Government can take some more better steps and modified this step according to needs. Yes so many important things which we required can be implemented. We require Eve- tease free metro and buses. We required one
more coach for women. A guard required in every coach.

I am an independent woman and i don’t required free fare i can bear my all the expenses. So Delhi, I require a safe Delhi, I also want to feel safe at night, I also want a long walk along with my beloved without any tension of some wrong elements of society, I also want to enjoy late night parties without any fear. But being a lady of Delhi it cannot possible.

CM can use that amount on our safety and so many social and economical issues are present in society which should be removed. (water supply, pollution, garbage, Polythene, Traffic Jam and yes a well trained Delhi Police staff ).

Yes, Government can issue some special bus passes for those are economically weak class, whether male or female. I thing its just a political stunt nothing else. So many girls those are intelligent but cannot afford higher education. They cannot bear the fees of any professional courses so govt. should thing on this prospective also. And we require opportunities not sympathy in form of free fare .

Most of girls feel happy due to this, and some are not. Because everyone can think according to her own choice. I wish i were CM of Delhi which is not possible but i can take some better steps on this beyond this.

I required the views of entire country not only Delhi because this is the hard money of entire country tax payers which should not be wasted in some political dramas like free fare for women.

If the government of Delhi had a proper module already prepared for this scheme then why did’t they announced it over night. Delhi government is launching every scheme with a nearby date to elections like free fare for women in metro and buses, removal of entire waste disposal near mukarba chowk. If the government already had a plan in their mind why did’t they apply with a immediate effect.

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