virus ( a virus can change our life )

very small organism can;t see through naked eyes obligate parasite( dependent on living organism( animal, human, plants, bacteria …etc) other for its life Acellular( has no cell) made by protein found presence of DNA/RNA What is meaning of word “VIRUS” means poison. In 1892, D. Ivanovsky had identify virus from tobacco leaves and he had given name to it, T…

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Zakir Nagar : a place of best pocket friendly joints for non veg lover’s

Zakir nagar has the most lip smacking street food joints serving from Nihari to Paya to Qorma & Biryanis, kebabs the best Mughlai foods in Old Delhi & also known as meat lover’s paradise. And the best about this place is that these all mind blowing dishes are very cost efficient as compared to other areas in Delhi. On my…

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7 Technology Trends You Need to Know to Work in Organization

7 Technology Trends You Need to Know to Work in Any Organization

On the off chance that you’ve been following the news on energizing tech patterns like computerized reasoning, at that point you’re presumably mindful that rising advancements are changing the manner in which we work and associate with others. Truth be told, with things like AI and contact trade ending up progressively well known over each industry from banking to human…

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